Manager for Rosebud, check!

Plans submitted, permits received, go-no-go for launch (fingers crossed) STILL the beginning of October :-) 

Renovation began Monday, September 11, 2017. 

  • Bar refinished
  • Countertops replaced
  • E N T I R E wall paint job nearly finished.
  • Countertop ordered, specified for equipment
  • Reverse osmosis consultation
  • Stage refinished
  • Grids made
  • Stage *decor* chosen
  • Table-tops ordered
  • Chairs and bar stools ordered
  • Mugs and cups ordered
  • Basic espresso equipment ordered
  • Benches delivered
  • More tables on the way
  • Church pews stripped, refinished, locked in place (still to do)
  • Equipment ordered
  • Training manuals/employee handbooks being typed
  • Interviews scheduled for incoming barista staff. *please note, experienced baristi we hire will be involved in our training process

There's lots more to this list, especially if we add on all the lessons we've learned about what it is to open a coffee shop. We are still SO excited to invite you in October. Still excited about maintaining our training program and taking it to the next level. With this shop, we increase exponentially our ability to support the youth we meet. At each step of the way through this process it has been so easy to remind ourselves of why we're here and keep the perspective of the bigger picture ever in the forefront of our individual and collective minds. 

Sometimes the process of opening a shop can feel like a perpetuating ball of momentum that just keeps increasing its mass demanding more and more until its just finished. Wrapped up, and leaving you in its wake. I have a feeling that is what we'll feel like in our beautiful shop once all of this is finished. The daily grinding of saws and slather of paint against walls. That day will come with some much-deserved celebration. 

Our GoFundMe campaign has helped us raise over $2,000 toward our espresso machine. We are truly grateful for the continuous love and support we are receiving.  

Thank you for keeping up-to-date with our progress. 

Stay tuned for more updates!


Rose City Coffee Team