Rose City Coffee transforms the lives of homeless and transitional youth (17-24) by providing world-class barista training in partnership with Wild Goose of Redlands, CA. Along with this marketable trade skill, we work alongside multiple youth programs in Pasadena, such as Hathaway-SycamoresYouth Moving On, and Hillsides.

Partnerships and training empower transitional aged youth for full-time employment. Full-time employment creates a stability. Stability through which one can move forward and create his/her own future. 

Youth train one on one with world-class barista trainers once a week for four months. As they progress, they begin to serve at coffee catering events with our mobile coffee cart. In October, 2017 Rose City Coffee will open a brick and mortar location, named after our infamous mobile cart, Rosebud. Rosebud will offer an advanced step in practical and live training which better prepares youth for the job market. 

Our unique training model, catering services, and coffee shop allow our youth to develop the invaluable interpersonal and relational skills necessary for success in today’s economic marketplace.

If you would like to know more about the specifics of our youth training program, please visit our Training Homeless Youth page.