Philosophy of Training

The Rose City Coffee training program is an infusion of intentionality and experience. We operate in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to deliver world-class training to our transitional youth. The program is structured in blocks, allowing less talking and more hands-on experience with consistent feedback. For example, one cannot merely talk about taste, one must experience taste. We have designed our training regime to evoke the experience of craft coffee rather than the technicality of it.

We instill the values of professionalism, attention to detail, and hospitality. We partner with organizations who have provided housing and social services in an effort to maintain a support system that incubates skill growth and character development. This support system creates a safe space for our youth to make mistakes and fail before they experience the harsh blows that making mistakes within a stressful café setting can sometimes bring.

Each youth gives a three-month commitment and approximately 100 hours to barista training. This robust foundation prepares each youth for entry into a variety of specialty café and restaurant settings.

For more detailed information or to discuss partnering with us, please email Liz Barman.