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A Rising Tide

Posted by Kevin Nye in Story

At Rose City Coffee, there is a question that comes around a lot about our program. It’s a question that we sometimes ask ourselves. Is coffee really a “good-enough” trade to train homeless youth in if we’re trying to give them sustainable futures? Many baristas...


We’ve got something good

Posted by Kevin Nye in Training

Latte Art is one of the best parts of being a barista. In order to achieve it, you not only need the technical skills of steaming milk (a scientific process by which the sugars and fat and protein break down in particular ways to create...

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A Sustainable Dream

Posted by Layne Sheetz in News

I have heard it said in a number of different ways, but the barista is the first line of defense for a good start to the day.  We are the first people that people interact with in the morning and we get to see people...