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All A-Board!

Posted by Dan Davidson in News

Rose City Coffee’s most recent endeavor has been to create a Board of Directors. I know, right…what an incredibly daunting task!! Recently, Dan (our Executive Director) and I met a gentleman named Daniel who has done loads of work in the non-profit world and just...


Two Years Later

Posted by Dan Davidson in News

Rose City Coffee opened its doors for day one operations two years ago, August 13th. It was a David Frere from Belgium, and a handful of other AMAZING (thank you) volunteers spending almost every morning making coffee for the one to seven people who may...


A Rising Tide

Posted by Layne Sheetz in Story

At Rose City Coffee, there is a question that comes around a lot about our program. It’s a question that we sometimes ask ourselves. Is coffee really a “good-enough” trade to train homeless youth in if we’re trying to give them sustainable futures? Many baristas...